August & Eric and Carl had met many years ago and their friendship blossomed. At various times, needing members to fill in their individual bands, they attempted more than once to form a band or join together in...”

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Bluegrass On the Plains Festival's "Bluegrass Idol Contest" First Place
This contest awarded Barefoot Nellie & Co. a Saturday set in the festival, as well as recording studio time to make a Promo CD at Mountain Fever Studios in Willis, Virginia. 

The band wants to thank ABMA for being on the cover of BAMAGRASS along with the great Dr. Ralph Stanley.  ABMA has sure treated us well and we are thankful for the privilege of membership.


Review on "The G-run Review" by Carl Towns

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Barefoot Nellie & Company Shines in their Debut Performance

April 28, 2014 at 3:33pm

The stage was set, the band finished last minute tweaks and they were introduced. What followed was a storm of hard driving bluegrass, just the way it's meant to be played.
     The band debuted their new configuration on April 24th, 2014 at Pickin' at the Post, a twice monthly concert held at the American Legion in Trenton, Georgia. Those in the new lineup have exceptional individual musicianship, but when brought together, they become a powerhouse of bluegrass rhythm and drive known as Barefoot Nellie & Company.

     The new configuration sees original members August Bruce on fiddle, and her husband Eric Bruce on the big fiddle, the upright bass. August's beautiful voice makes you want to listen closer to see what she has to sing about. Her fiddle skills are top notch, you will not be disappointed.

     There are three parts to the rhythm section in a bluegrass band, without the right blend and timing there is no "boom-chuck" sound which is that high lonesome sound in a nutshell. The bass, guitar and mandolin provide this sound.

Eric provides solid rhythm, keeping everything together in his role as the bass player. This is very important in any musical genre. In Bluegrass it is even more important to have that perfect beat, without it there is no "boom" sound and that "drive" in Bluegrass music can be diminished. Eric faithfully pounds away on the bass keeping the music moving.

     Two of the new members of the band provide the rest of that rhythm: On guitar, is Kyle Tolbert whose rhythm is spot on and his solo work is tasteful. He doesn't over perform his part and that says a lot about his discipline as a band member. Michael Clements is now playing mandolin with the band. His rhythm is strong and his timing true. His lead work on mandolin and vocals is great and can only get better.

     Rounding out the group is Sam Crabtree on banjo. He brings some great drive into the fold, with a blend of modern and traditional hot licks that are sure to help you get your fix of bluegrass banjo.

     This band in their debut had a few minor flaws but that is to be expected as they continue to grow and bond as a single unit. Barefoot Nellie &Company is a sight to see. They entertain as usual with the reconfigured band, those minor flaws will fade away and the only direction is upward for this great band. I am sure you will not be disappointed by attending their future concerts! - Carl Towns